Omgggg Yall seriously these  Raw “Fruit Pops” were soooo darn good. Full of flavor and nutrition. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These fruit pops will provide potassium, zinc, magnesium, Copper, Vitamin A,B,C ,E &K. Ok lets get you the ingredients to make this tasty recipe!

Ingredients (All organic Makes 5-6 Popsicles):

1 fresh Mango
Juice from 1 Fresh Lemon
2 Cups Fresh Strawberries
2 Tbs Raw Agave
Optional: Fresh Kiwi + Strawberries

What you need:

PopSicle Maker I use the brand Tovolo Brand (which makes a great size popsicle for adults) Actual Link >>

HighSpeed Blender


1.Place your mangos + strawberries + lemon juice + agave inside blender + blend on high

2. Once mixture is a puree you want to pour them inside of the popsicle molds + add your favorite fruit inside

3. Press the fruit to the side using a knife + place inside freezer for 5 hours or overnight (I allowed mine to freeze overnight)

4. Take out when frozen and enjoy your raw healthy “Fruit Pops” if you have children this is the perfect sweet treat 🙂

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juice habit coverHugs & Happy Fruit Pop Eating 😉
LaShana Nicole