*Persimmons Sorbet*
Ingredients (all organic)

2 Fresh Ripe Persimmons
15 Frozen Raspberries
15 Frozen Strawberries
3-5 Tbs Water ( start with 3 tbs & add more as needed)
3 Tbs Raw Agave Nectar
Toppings: Goji Berries + Cacao Nibs + Orange Slices


1. You want to place your persimmons (remove skin) inside the food processor + add raspberries
2. Place your strawberries + water + agave + process until you achieve a soft serve sorbet texture
3. Scoop sorbet inside of glass or bowl + add toppings + eat right away. Its super yummy ūüėČ
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Hugs & Happy Persimmons Sorbet Eating ‚ô°
LaShana Nicole