Drinking fruit infused water is the perfect way to stay hydrated and add natural fruit flavor to your water. 

*Lime & Orange Infused Water*
Ingredients (all organic)

2 Limes
2 Oranges
Alkaline water


1. Cut 1 lime and 1 orange in half + squeeze the juice inside of the cup you are going to use

2. Add water to the orange & lime juice mix + cut the rest of your oranges + limes into small slices

3. Add them to the water + allow the water to sit in the refridgerator over night

4. In the morning take your infused water out of the refridgerator + allow to sit out for 20 mins

5. This allows the water to become room temperature. Its healthier to drink water that is not a freezing cold temperature

6. Drink + Enjoy. I usually refill my infused water twice with the same fruit. I toss the fruit when I’m finished.


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Hugs & Happy Infused Water Drinking
LaShana Nicole