Kale is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. Loaded with vitamin a,b,c,k iron,potassium, magnesium,protein, fiber + a ton more healthy benefits. Kale is great inside smoothies + its great for salads. This combination of fruits + veggies will give you so many antioxidants and vitamins all in one drink. Such a powerhouse superfood smoothie.

*KaleRific Smoothie*

Ingredients (all organic):

1 Frozen mango
1-2 Fresh curly kale leafs
6 frozen blackberries
10 frozen blue berries
3-4 tbs of 100% maple syrup or raw agave nectar


1. Place your fruits inside blender + liquid + blend
2. While blending add your kale + sweetener
3. Pour inside glass when smooth + top with fresh blueberries

IMG_0385Hugs & Happy KaleRific Drinking 🙂
LaShana Nicole