Quite often I am asked the difference between Juicing & Blending and which is better for you. Juicing and Blending are both beneficial, and I would not say one is better than the other. It’s your personal preference because both will load your body with nutrients which is a win win. Let’s discuss the difference.

Blending keeps everything in tact and consist of the entire fruit. Meaning it doesn’t remove the fiber/pulp.  Blending breaks the fiber down which will help with your body being able to process it, but does not remove it entirely like juicing. This also allow the nutrients to be released into the blood stream at a slower rate and should help with the spiking of your blood sugar. Smoothies will also be more filling than juice due to the fiber being included. I post lots of smoothies, sorbets, ice creams etc this is because I prefer the texture of blending better and it keeps me full longer. I also cut off the skin/pulp when I blend fruits such as a mango.

Benefits of Blending:
*Filling and last longer helping curb your appetite
*Great Fiber Source
*Absorbs nutrients into the blood stream slower

This Strawberry Smoothie made by blending is a simple recipe:
*12-15 Frozen strawberries
*2 tablespoons maple syrup
*1/2 cup water or nut milk
* Hand full of ice if using fresh strawberries and blend on high speed

Orange CreamSicle:
*1 Orange
*1/2 cup of Coconut Milk
* 2-3 table spoons of raw agave or maple syrup
*hand full of ice blend on high speed

Grapefruit Smoothie:
*1 Grapefruit (Remove skin)
*5 tablespoons of 100% maple syrup
*Hand full of ice
*Blend on high-speed

Juicing literally removes all the fiber/ pulp for you, it extracts the juice and water (liquid nutrition) from the produce. This allows the body to obtain the nutrients directly into the blood stream quickly. This is a quicker process than actually eating a whole fruit. Juicing also allows you to take in more fruits or veggies in one serving than having to eat them whole. If your digestive system is sensitive and has a hard time breaking down fibers juicing will help your body not have to work as hard. Ps. Be careful with combining fruits and veggies. Mainly starchy veggies such as broccoli, zucchini, beets etc with fruits. Apples pretty much combine with everything. If you are unsure than use a apple instead of other fruit which may cause fermentation and gas from improper food combining. Use google if you are unsure of which fruits and veggies don’t mix well.Read here

Benefits of Juicing:
*Easy Digestion
*Quick nutrient distribution
*Large quantities of fruits of veggies can be taken in one drink

Peaches and Apple Juice Super Yummy:
Makes 1 serving
*2 or 3 Peaches
*2 or 3 Apples
Place in juicer and consume within 10-15 minutes for optimum health benefits (if you cant consume right away pour juice in airtight container, if possible drink as soon as you make it)

Green Drink Goodness:
Makes 1 serving
*3-4 Apples
*2-3 Leaf Collard Greens
* Hand full of Spinach
* Juice and drink immedietly

Ginger Green Rush:
Makes 1 serving
*3 apples
*1 Pear
*4 lacinato kale strips
*hand full of spinach
*Fresh Ginger

Carrot Ginger Detox:
Makes 2 servings
4-5 apples
4-5 carrots
2-3 small fresh ginger

As you can see both Juicing and Blending has great health benefits. I blend more than I juice but I definitely incorporate both methods to provide my body with optimum health benefits. I recommend doing both. Make a smoothie in the morning and Juice later in the day or vice versa.

Happy Juice & Smoothie Making
Shana Nicole