LaShana HeadshotHi Everyone and welcome to BeAHealthNutToo® a Holistic Plant-Based inspirational brand that encourages everyone to take care of their bodies not only physically, but mentally & spiritually.I will demonstate and show that it is possible to make quick, healthy and inexpensive meals.I will share how to rid your body & mind of toxic junk and cleanse from within. Im LaShana Nicole but many refer to me as a  ”Health nut”  and I must say I have embraced my nickname quite well haha. My family often joke and say ” I will be the last person living on earth because I am so healthy” LOL well I will take that any day over having irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian cyst, terrible skin, and a horrible non working digestive system. Those are some of the reasons I decided to start taking care of body. I have not always been the healthiest person. I actually was very unhealthy years ago and was filling my body with junk. I was treating my body like a garbage truck by dumping tons of processed non-living pasteurized foods, meat, and dairy products into my body everyday. I knew I had to do something so I started an experiment to see how my body would react if I consumed more living raw foods and pursued the raw plant based lifestyle. What do you know ” I loved it” I started to see major changes in my skin, my menstrual cycles were back to normal, no ovarian cyst, my digestive system was actually functioning properly, and I would rarely catch a common cold “WOOHOO”. I was convinced that the way we eat directly affects the health of the body, and this is how my health journey began. I will show you how to start from scratch and incorporate new healthy dishes into your diet. Like some of you I had to fight my bad eating habits and discipline myself to a new way of living or should I say a new way of eating. We must take care of the only body we have been blessed with starting TODAY. Come with me on this journey as I aspire to inspire every single day and encourage you to BE A HEALTH NUT TOO.

Hugs & Happy Health
LaShana Nicole
Lashana Gardner419